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Portable Claymill - TARUS - Jean-Pierre Ploue PSA - credit Laurent-Nivalle
TARUS Portable Claymill - Ford GT retractable wing
TARUS Portable Claymill - Camilo Pardo Ford GT
TARUS Portable Claymill - FORD Mercury
TARUS Portable Claymill - PSA Laurent-Nivalle 01
TARUS Portable Claymill - PSA Laurent-Nivalle
TARUS Portable Claymill - PSA foam - Laurent Nivalle
TARUS Portable Claymill - Ford 01
TARUS Portable Claymill CM5P - Rivian
TARUS Portable Claymill - TVS MOTORS India
TARUS Portable Claymill - Ford-Edge-Clay-Model-Tarus-Machine
TARUS Portable Claymill - 5 Axis Machine
TARUS Portable Claymill - cm5p-portable-5-axis-claymill-2

CM5P Portable 5 Axis Claymill

In 1984, TARUS unveiled the 5 axis portable claymill, the world’s first claymill.
Continuous improvement updated with the latest technology ensures industry-leading performance.

Machine Function

3 and 5 Axis CNC milling and measuring
Clay, Foam, Urethane/UREOL


CM5P works best with floor plates. Existing floor plates can be used with minor modifications.
Air cushions allow the machine to be moved in all directions so it can be accurately located on edge of floor plate.
Equipped with retractable wheels and a hitch
point, can be towed with a motorized pallet jack.
TARUS exclusive electronically controlled automatic leveling system places machine base on uneven studio floor with precision.


Rack and pinion drive on X,Y and Z axes with dual servo motors / torque takeup function to eliminate backlash and increase acceleration rates.
Quiet operation provided by rack and pinion compared to outdated ball screw driven components.
Advanced monocoque aluminum alloy construction of machine column and milling arm reduces weight for increased performance while increasing stability and rigidity.
TARUS fork style milling head with absolute, direct position angular feedback.
Quiet, liquid cooled, HSK40 spindle, 0-12,000 rpm, 10 hp/7 kW.
TARUS fork style milling head with absolute, direct
position angular feedback.
TARUS proprietary milling head and spindle achieves a level of quiet not possible with other machines using off-the-shelf router spindles.

Available CNC

Siemens Sinumeric 1 based control with TARUS Design Studio Interface
Heidenhain TNC640