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TARUS CM5R Claymill Geely 3a
TARUS CM5R Claymill -Volkswagen
TARUS CM5R Claymill - Head
TARUS CM5R Claymill -Volkswagen 1
TARUS CM5R Claymill -2
TARUS CM5R Claymill -1
TARUS CM5R Claymill -4
TARUS CM5R Claymill -5
TARUS CM5R Claymill -6

CM5R 5-Axis Claymill

5 Axis Milling of Clay, Foam, Urethane Models.

The original TARUS rail mounted Claymill updated with the latest technology for increased acceleration and speed.

Installs easily where gantry mills will not fit.

Machine Function

3 and 5 Axis CNC Milling and Measuring
Clay, Foam, Urethane / UREOL

Installation Features

Machine rails mount on top of floor or in shallow trenches.
Available with floor mounted worktables, lift table or absolute position rotary table.
Fits under low ceiling where gantries would be too tall.

Performance Features

Rack and pinion drive with dual motors per axis to eliminate backlash.
Quiet operation due to rack and pinion drive.
Advanced monocoque aluminum alloy construction of machine column and milling arm reduces weight for increased performance while increasing stability and rigidity.
Quiet liquid cooled spindle.
TARUS fork style milling head with absolute, direct position angular feedback.

Available CNC

Siemens Sinumerik 1 with TARUS DS Design Studio Interface
Heidenhain TNC640
BLUM Probing