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TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - Holden
TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - GMIO-new-studio larger
TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - GM Wuling
TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - Mercedes-Benz USA
TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - Mercedes-Benz USA 01
TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - 06
TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - 03
TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - 05
TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - 04
TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - 02
TARUS Claymill MSM CMM - 01

MSM CMM Claymill

High performance. Quiet. A full-featured, versatile solution.
The TARUS MSM is a CMM Based Claymilling System that has been in production for over 30 years with continuous improvements.
The TARUS MSM is available as a fixed rail installation or as a portable base machine. 

Machine Function

3 Axis CNC Milling and Measuring of Design Models.
Clay Models.
Perfect for In-Studio Milling.
Easy to Operate, Integrated CAM System for Tailored for Clay Sculptors.

Fixed Rail MSM Features

The MSM is designed to be installed inside design studios with or without surface plates.
Low profile rails contain all running hardware plus AC power and can be installed above floor or in trenches.
Rails are modular, standard length of sections is 142″ / 3,607 mm.
Multiple columns can be added to rail installation as needed.

Portable MSM Features

The MSM works with existing surface plates or by adding a guide rail to the floor.
Software for virtual model alignment when equipped with MM2 Milling Head and Measuring Probe

Performance Features

Rack and Pinion Drive on X, Axis, Friction Drive on the Y and Z Axes.
Gas Strut for Counter Balance reduces mass and improves column stability.
Carbon Fiber Milling Arm reduces sag and weight transfer when arm is extended.5,000 rpm spindle, nearly silent.
Optional MM2 Spindle with Electronic Angle Position Feedback to CNC.

Available CNC

TARUS CNC with DS design studio user interface integrated CAM system.
User interface islaptop PC mounted to column carrier and wireless remote control.
TPI CAM system and DS software are integrated making programming and operation seamless.
Software tailored towards Clay model sculptors and digital modelers.
Excellent surface quality compared to other CMM based clay milling machines.