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TARUS finalizes testing and development on the next gen LCMT Claymill.

The new TARUS LCMT Claymill.
TARUS finalizes testing on its cutting-edge next gen LCMT Claymill.
This week TARUS neared completion on the testing and development phase of the world’s most advanced Claymill for transportation design studios worldwide.
TARUS invented the Claymill in 1984 and remains the world leader in Claymill machines and car design studio solutions for the global transportation industry. The TARUS next gen LCMT Claymill takes performance and reliability to unprecedented levels with effortless Class-A surfacing and nearly silent operation.
David Greig, CEO of TARUS states “The LCMT is what happens when a dedicated team of very hard working experts trust each other and come together to achieve an extraordinary goal. I’m extremely proud of the work our team put forth to bring the LCMT to market.”
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Corporate Contact:
George Cook
VP, Sales and Marketing