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ILAC - MRA PJLA Calibration TARUS 59411
TARUS Claymill - Service Vehicle

Claymill Calibration Services

TARUS provides exceptional calibration and metrology service and support for TARUS Claymills and any other brand.


TARUS is a leading Coordinate Measuring Machine manufacturer with over 40 years experience building and servicing CMM machines worldwide.
Claymill owners are always looking for ways to improve quality, increase productivity, eliminate downtime, and reduce the operating costs of their equipment. TARUS metrology services play a vital role in helping owners achieve these goals.
Our service technicians are fully trained in all aspects of service, calibration, and repair. The TARUS service team will help you obtain consistent, reliable and accurate inspection results, extended machine life and provide the assurance your Claymill is functioning at its maximum accuracy and performance levels. Consider TARUS as your one-stop shop for any and all metrology services.


TARUS provides industry leading calibration services that are performed in accordance with ANSI/ASME B89.4.10360.2 or ISO/IEC 17025. To ensure accuracy, all TARUS calibration equipment used is traceable to NIST.
Expert TARUS service and support includes:


        • Complete calibration
        • Certification
        • Preventive maintenance
        • Software & hardware upgrades
        • Parts
        • Relocation services
        • Repair


Ed Rocheleau
Metrology Manager
office: +1-586-977-1400
mobile: +1-586-354-0592
email: erocheleau@tarus.com
TARUS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certificate of Accreditation PJLA