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TARUS Modelmill

For demanding applications beyond clay and foam, the TARUS Modelmill can mill the heaviest urethane tooling and modeling materials. The strongest and most robust comparable machine on the market.
Ideal where ceiling height limits options for a gantry, while delivering superior performance to a gantry.
Modelmill is the updated version of the TARUS Post Mill. This new evolution incorporates the latest breakthrough technologies for even greater speed and finish.

Performance Features

Horizontal arm design achieves faster, finer detail compared to a gantry in complex areas below the beltline with no interference like a gantry.
New advanced aluminum alloy with monocoque construction of machine column and milling arm reduces weight for increased performance while increasing stability and rigidity.
Dual pinion drive for maximum acceleration.
High acceleration and low maintenance with direct drive milling head. Hydraulic clamping provides superior rigidity.
Cartridge spindle/HSK-63. Stable, large spindle with widely available standard tooling
Milled surface patches match perfectly with Kessler milling head with direct-absolute angular position.
Optional ATC or auto tool change rack, allows for lights-out continuous operation.

Machine Function

3 and 5 axis CNC milling of design concept and verification models.


Mills the most difficult media with speed and precision: Urethane/UREOL, foam, and clay models.

Installation Features

Ideal for milling room applications, and where low ceiling prevents installation of traditional gantry machining center.
Machine base mount in shallow trenches, reducing installation costs.
Available with the full TARUS solutions line: Floor mounted worktables, lift table or absolute position rotary table.
New safety feature: Slot and band covers on base and vertical axis. Safe to walk on.

CNC Features

Heidenhain TNC640
Wireless probing for model alignment and measurement.