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TARUS car design studio claymilling machines

The fastest machine performance and best surface finish for car models in the industry.
Easier to install and maintain. A quieter working environment.
Unparalleled quality and durability.
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The next generation TARUS Claymill

The game-changing, best-in-class fully-featured Claymill is now available. Effortless Class-A surfaces. Highest all-around performance, silent, easiest to install and maintain.

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TARUS Claymill X

5-axis milling of clay, foam, and urethane for car models. The TARUS rail mounted Claymill updated with the latest technology for increased acceleration and speed.

TARUS Claymill XM

In 1984, TARUS invented the 5-axis portable Claymill, the original Claymill. Evolution and constant improvement provide the highest level of performance. Much higher acceleration rates and nearly silent operation.

TARUS Modelmill

For demanding applications beyond clay and foam, the HM5 can mill the heaviest urethane tooling and modeling materials. This new evolution incorporates the latest breakthrough technologies for vehicle models.

TARUS Claymill C

Nearly silent, high performance, full featured.
3-axis claymilling, simple, quiet operation, fixed rail machines or portable.

Large High-Precision 5-axis CNC Machines for Heavy Industry

TARUS has two major lines of business; transportation design and large-volume, high-precision 5-axis CNC machines for heavy industry. Visit tarus.com for information on our gundrilling, bridge, gantry, and universal 5-axis CNC machining centers.