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TARUS and WENZEL Group announce cooperation in the field of clay milling

TARUS and Wenzel Group cooperation Design Solutions Posting
Bundled expertise for high-performance Design Solutions
TARUS and WENZEL Group announce cooperation in the field of Clay Milling


Wiesthal/Sterling Heights, October 19, 2023 – WENZEL Group GmbH & Co. KG and TARUS Products, Inc. announce a cooperation agreement for a development and sales and service partnership. This is intended to further expand the successes achieved to date in the field of clay milling for design and styling solutions by both companies.

“With this partnership, we are expanding our clay milling machine series, with two more very powerful milling machines, which we offer under our label in the performance class,” explains Dr. Heike Wenzel, Managing Partner of the WENZEL Group. The products will be marketed under the brand PC | Design and PCX | Design, respectively, in addition to the RA and RAX Design series, which have proven themselves many times over to date.

“We have found a strong partner in WENZEL to oversee sales and service for our styling solutions in Europe and China,” says Douglas Greig, Exec VP/Co-Owner at TARUS. He sees enormous advantages for transportation design customers of both companies. TARUS gains a local sales and service presence in Europe and China, while the TARUS Claymill allows WENZEL to provide a full range of purpose-built, expertly engineered machines with superior performance to customers in Europe and China.”

Creative solutions for design professionals

The WENZEL Styling Package is specially designed to meet the needs of the designer and ensures the perfect workflow so that they have as much room as possible for their creativity. The WENZEL Design Package has been used for many years by leading companies, especially in the automotive industry. It includes the clay milling machines, the milling heads and the powerful Design Master Software and service.

TARUS is a leading global supplier of state-of-the-art clay milling machines and comprehensive solutions for design studios. TARUS currently builds the widest range of machines with great performance, ease of use and high reliability. In addition to standard offerings, TARUS specializes in building custom configurations to meet a customer’s specific needs and installation requirements.


TARUS invented the Claymill™ in 1984 and created a new category in the machine tool industry. Today, it remains the global leader in Claymilling machines and design studio solutions worldwide with the widest product range and most installations with customers on four continents. Based on its expertise building very high precision, large-volume 5-axis CNC machines for heavy industry since 1969, TARUS Claymills are legendary for their ease-of-use, durability, reliability, and low cost of ownership. Building large, tough, high-precision machines for heavy industry means greater structural integrity for a more rigid Claymill, directly translating into the best surface finish in the industry. A stronger, more robust structure also means higher performance. TARUS Claymills can handle a stronger milling head, more powerful components, faster speeds, and provide a nearly silent operation. The TARUS heritage of building computer controls in-house is the basis for tremendous software innovations like the TARUS Claymill User Interface. It is specifically built around the needs of modelers and sculptors and renowned by design studios worldwide.

About WENZEL Group

The WENZEL Group is one of the leading suppliers in the field of industrial metrology and styling solutions. WENZEL’s product portfolio includes coordinate and gear measuring machines with tactile and optical sensors, multi-sensor systems, optical high speed scanning and 3D X-ray measuring technology based on computer tomography. In addition to these systems WENZEL also offers comprehensive metrology software, which is used by many thousands of users for the measurement and analysis of parts. WENZEL´s measuring solutions are used in various industries, including the automotive sector, aerospace, power generation and medical devices. Our solutions also support reverse engineering, inspection, and analysis for a variety of fields including power generation, vehicle electrification, and additive manufacturing. Over the years WENZEL has installed more than 12,000 machines worldwide. Subsidiaries and agencies in more than 50 countries support the sales and ensure the after sales service for our customers. The WENZEL Group employs more than 500 people worldwide.


Corporate Contact:
George Cook
VP, Sales and Marketing